​Paper flowers

Февраль 8, 2022

Paper Flower Templates are a special version of artificial decorations. Making pink flowers is very easy, even easier than the previous options. You do not need stencils, the main thing is to find paper.

You can make any flower, but poppies look very beautiful. Making them is very simple: cut out large circles of different diameters. The edges of the circles are trimmed with special scissors that cut zigzag. Each layer is dabbed with glue and superimposed on top of each other. In the center make a black core, it is also glued.

The stem is made of thick wire, it is wrapped with fabric or floral ribbon. Some advise using thin PVC-tube instead of wire,

Paper Craft Templates - an indispensable element of celebrations: weddings, children's parties. But it is important to observe moderation and not to wear them too much.

Large flowers without a stem

Giant Paper Flower Templates - beautiful, but large flowers consisting of a single hat can be used to decorate walls, create a panel and much more.

To create such a flower, you will need to gather tools and materials: a pencil, a glue gun, heavy A1 colored paper (in total, you will need six leaves for the flower itself and two leaves for the leaves). You can use white paper, but it should be painted with spray paint.

The algorithm for performing the composition is as follows:

  • on each leaf you need to draw a petal;
  • Blanks cut out along the contour;
  • Petals are rolled into a tube for a minute, then unfolded, this action will help give the petals the correct floral shape;
  • The center of each petal should be notched at the bottom eight to ten centimeters;
  • All notched edges should be joined overlapping;
  • Connect the three petals with each other, glue three more on top, arrange the fragments in staggered order;
  • Cut out the leaves for the flower and glue at the bottom at the base;
  • In the center of the artificial plant, glue a circle.
  • If you used white paper, apply spray paint.

Make as many copies as you need to make the arrangement. Large paper flowers on the wall will look beautiful in a room of almost any style.

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